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Give it Your All

Aside from all the great family time over Chanukah, I gave 10 different concerts. I performed in different cities (New York, Baltimore, Jerusalem), in different venues and for different ages. Some days I saw almost 1,000 kids. What a high! The interaction and positive feedback were amazing, so personally meaningful. Now, I always say when I teach students, "It doesn't matter if 1,000 or 10 people are watching... … [Read More...]

What people are saying…

"You are an incredible example to my girls. Your DVDs are so adorable and fun, and even I can watch them over and over." - Pnina Baim, author

"This is the most amazing thing I ever saw!" - Rina, age 7, Israel

"Everyone raved about Kerry's performance... and were inspired by her insightful words about health and happiness." Chaya Gitty Etzioni, HaModia Women's Night, Jerusalem